living to humbly assault the commonplace.

"it's more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy."

searching this world for reasons to say "oh wow."

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hello #manhattan. view from my bedroom. #sunset (Taken with Instagram)

marshmallow madness. #inflight #beautiful (Taken with Instagram at Hotel St Paul)

this is what #manhattan looks like above #harlem. puts #nyc into perspective. (Taken with Instagram)


im into it.

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Instead of looking down at a captive whale in a concrete tank at Sea World, wouldn’t it be better to imagine ourselves looking up at a whale as it passes above us free in the immensity of the ocean?

—Gregory Colbert

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The Street Fighters

My favorite fighting (video) game is Street Fighter. A lot of my friends like Tekken more, but for some reason SF appeals to me more. :) My favorite Street Fighter is Ken. I was originally thinking of making Ken and Ryu but I opted for Akuma (Gouki) since he’s more evil! :) Haha. My other favorite character is Dan Hibiki, only because he’s my namesake. Haha. :) Enjoy!

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